10 Pack Smoakpipe Wood Chillum Cigar

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Have you ever dropped a glass bowl and instantly lost the ability to smoke altogether? Your Smoakpipe will NEVER break like glass pipes. Its small shape fits easily in your pocket. Great for on the go or just relaxing at home.

Smoke in peace. No need to get paranoid when using your Smoak Pipe. It looks and feels just like an authentic hand-rolled Cuban cigar. People will walk right by and not even notice it's not made out of tobacco.

Your wooden blunt is designed to look and feel like you're smoking out of a real cigar, giving you that smooth feeling of drawing smoke into your mouth as you sit back and enjoy the beverage of your choice.

Smoke Trees. 100% All Natural and easy to clean. NO: Lacquers, Paints, Fillers, Dyes, Flecks, Thinners, Color agents, VOC emitting products or make up added to your smoakpipe.

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